‘The Football Fly’ is an independent website, dedicated to football stories and the cult of football.


Our intention is to share stories and memories of past players, historical events and classic matches, which may get lost or forgotten about, along with other football related content for supporters to enjoy.


Having started as a WordPress blog two years ago, The Football Fly has been viewed more than 20,000 times, by over 12,000 visitors, in 125 different countries. We have also had articles featured in the Jamaica Observer (Kingston Jamaica's daily newspaper).


Every club has a history and every fan and player, from the Premier League to non-league, has a story to tell. If you have a story or opinion about anything football related, please get in touch. The more unusual, the better. 


All articles, research, content and web design has been done by myself in my limited spare time alongside full-time employment. So far all costs such as website costs, research material (books, Kindle, online access) and Images have been self-funded.


We do accept donations through our donate button. Any donations will be used to expand and improve the site. 

We are actively seeking sponsorship of funding, merchandise, or services which we can use for competitions, reviews, prizes and to compensate future contributors.


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Any footballers, ex-footballers (or secret footballers) with a story to tell or something to say, whatever level, whatever age, please get in touch.

Collectors of football memorabilia, shirts, trainers or vintage Adidas - we would love to feature you and your collection on The Football Fly.


If you have any football related photographs from games, away days, grounds, players, etc., please submit, and we can publish them on the site.

Anybody who would like to share their fan experiences, classic matches, first game experiences, etc. or would like to write for the football fly, please drop us a line.


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