‘Tschutti Heftli’ (Swiss-German for ‘footy zine’), was first produced for the 2008 European Championship, and is the alternative sticker album, for the 2018 World Cup.


Started by a group of friends and students at Lucerne School of Art and Design in Switzerland, ahead of the Euro’s held in the country, ‘Tschutti Heftli’ is now producing its sixth football collection.


This non-profit organization, brings together football and design, with thirty-two artists, illustrators, and graphic designers from around the world, coming up with their own unique design, for each set of players.


After being asked to submit a portrait of World Cup icon Diego Maradona, the artists were selected by a jury which included "Pussy Riot" frontwoman Nadezhda Tolokonni-kowa, former US defender Alexis Lalas and Austrian cartoonist Nicolas Mahler.


Images which include abstract, portrait and caricature, all feature in this imaginative, colourful collection of stickers, which has been described as "anti-mainstream".


With 530 to collect, the 84-page album and stickers are available from the UK’s only stockist, football magazine

The stickers come in packs of ten and cost £1.00 per packet, with 7p going towards Swiss humanitarian charity 'Terre des Hommes'. is a Swiss-based network of ten national organisations, working for the rights of children. The rest of the sale proceeds cover the production costs, with the artists receiving a small compensation for their work.


Having packed 100,000 stickers by hand in the early days, 7.5 million stickers are due to be printed for the 2018 collection. ‘Tschutti Heftlis’ is rapidly growing in popularity, with every tournament. 


‘Tschutti Heftlis’ Head of media relations, Markus Foehn said: “Our stickers are not a business, Our philosophy is different”

“We see our stickers as a contribution to football culture. It’s an art project that meets football.”


The collection is available now.

Sheffield born artist, Andy Tucker who illustrated the Argentina national team, said

“I had the privilege to be selected to illustrate a team for the Tschutti Heftli 2018 World Cup sticker album.

As my original Maradona portrait earned this opportunity, I was determined to represent the current Argentina players in a similar style”

In addition and in cooperation with the International Poster Festival ‘Weltformat’.


Tschutti Heftli has also produced a special sticker for each of the 48 World Cup games.


Which are available in poster form or a book from